Friday, January 13, 2012

DTFriday: Friday the 13th with Devil's Film

Tonight I find myself having to do another quickie for DTFriday. What follows is a rough sketch on my thoughts of the Devil's Film (

From the quick minute spent on it, comes across like any other porn site. I was hoping their would be more film of a blasphemous nature, such as the prophet Mohammed being a part of a gang bang full of nuns. Instead first film that pops up is "My New White Stepdaddy". What's the big deal? You can actually see daddys fucking their daughters in backwoods Arkansas or West Virginia. With a name like Devil's Film, was hoping there would be more unique fetish or BDSM.

I'll admit, perhaps I'm not giving them a fair chance. Yet it seems to take longer than it should to download movies, along with most available scenes having music that doesn't intrigue me or are reused. At least the trailer has some sweet moaning going on. There were some parodies quickly advertised that I would be interested in seeing. Yet I don't really believe in paying for access to a porn site. Thus resulting in warped state of mind. Maybe I should buy a DVD, yet at the moment I am strapped on cash. Next Friday the 13th, I'll reevaluate my ranting here.

Really need to stop doing these quickies...


Rev. Rex James

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