Sunday, December 11, 2011

And so it begins...

Allow me to give a proper introduction. I am Rev. Rex James. Native Houstonian who has recently took to social media. Music lover, porn advocate, drinker… would say more, though memory is failing me now on account of the last point.

A startling fact has become very clear the last few months. A vast majority of citizens have no idea who Bill Hicks is, Houston included. Yet people know Denis Leary and find him funny… IT’S NOT RIGHT! It is even more depressing Houstonians don’t know Hicks, on account that he got his start doing stand-up here. And we are not just talking teens not knowing him, who were born around the time that Bill died (coincidentally, same day I was born, different year; thanks God, that was a great fucking present). People of all ages that I speak with have no idea who he is, yet when they hear his philosophy it is always a resounding “How have I not heard of this guy?!”

I am on a mission to fix this. Starting tonight, I will begin doing a series of tribute performances to the legacy of Bill Hicks. Wherever I perform the only request that I will make is that I be able to pass a collection plate to the audience to raise money for charity, with emphasis on “feeding, clothing, and educating the poor”. At the end of each performance, money will be counted and at the show it will be announced how much was raised. It will be posted here to recap and show where money has gone. I will say there is a sentimental spot in my heart for “The Beacon”, having been homeless multiple times. Check them out here

In honor of Bill’s 50th Birthday on the 16th, my goal over the next 12 months is to raise $50,000. If you believe in the mission and know of any interested venues, send them to this page or have them contact me at . Thank you for reading. Hope you are able to make it out to Bike Smut Houston, 9 PM tonight at Super Happy Fun Land 3801 Polk Street to catch the first of many tributes to come. Facebook event here:


Rev. Rex James

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