Monday, December 26, 2011

First Performances Come and Gone

Should this post have been made sooner? Absolutely. But things came up, there is no editor breathing down my neck with deadlines... thus I will write when I feel like it. Deal?

Since opening this blog, two tributes to Bill Hicks have been completed. And it is entirely thanks to the good people at Bike Smut ( during their time in Houston.

To the one woman who was actually laughing during performance at Notsuoh, thank you. To the one who called me out on changing up Reagan quote same evening on "It's Just a Ride", I thank you too. The unscripted explanation for change during performance I think you were satisfied with.

As those who have read first post are aware, my goal is to raise $50,000 over the next 12 months for the 50th birthday of Bill Hicks. Over the last two shows, a grand total was raised of not $50, not $100... it was a whopping $0. That's right, zilch, nada, Z-E-R-O. Entirely because I did not feel comfortable asking for donations. So sue me, first night at Super Happy Fun Land was a rough performance admittedly on my part (although people seemed to enjoy it more than Notsuoh) , second night I was called away to other commitments.

Either way, I sincerely want to thank Cactus Music (, Josh (Twit: @CynicalHouston) , and Houston Picks (Twit: @BestinHouston) for spreading the word on first Bill Hicks tribute. To those who weren't public on support of show, I want to thank you too. We'll see what happens in the year to come. Now to stop preaching and salivate everyone's palate on a series that will debut on Dec. 30 (DTF ridays). Let your imaginations run wild and stay tuned...


Rev. Rex James

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  1. fuck yea rex, its a treat to be involved on the ground level with such a grand project. To raise $ for homeless (something we should all feel closer to everyday) while educating the public about a local brilliant mind is grand.

    thanks for not letting the challenge of live performances get you down. the more you do it the better it gets (mostly)