Friday, December 30, 2011

DTFriday: Le Debut & Le Call To Arms

Welcome to DTFriday! or for the acronym challenged "Down to Fuck" Friday. For those who don't know me personally yet, let me outline something.


And I want to share this love of it and sex through the information cesspool known as the internet. Every Friday, I will bring you what has caught my attention in the wonderful world of porn/sex/naughtiness/(insert debauchery here).

For shits and giggles, I decided to see if anybody else had this concept. And low and behold, after consulting the Oracle known as Google, someone beat me to the punch a little over a month ago. If you want to save 2 minutes of your life, skip video for blunt summary. If you are really pressed on time, skip to the very last paragraph. If you could, read this in its entirety:

Those two guys want to make you laugh.

I want to make you horny, amongst other things.

Not going to do a counter introCuntion video. On account these two haven't been keeping up their weekly promise, I feel obligated to commandeer the series name.

With that aside, this week I am spotlighting none other than Bike Smut ( This is a film festival incorporating a love of sex plus transportation by physically powered wheel machines (machinations?).  Led by Reverend Phil, this group has been traveling for several years not just nationally, but also across borders to Europe with hopes of Mexico on the horizon.

For the month of December, Bike Smut had a number of showings across Texas, with several right here in Houston. The ever welcoming Super Happy Fun Land ( is where the first Houston showed occurred. Although the car gods prevented a timely performance, those who stayed were treated to a lovely batch of concise smut films from the comedic to the serious. The custom film adventure ride was followed by a Q&A session with the audience, an act that has grown to be a favorite of the Bike Smut crew.

If you missed out, I am sorry to say there are no DVDs available. These films can only be seen at these live showings. This is because a number of the entries come from people with creative energies that can only be expressed in the safety of this community. One who not only condone, but advocate for sexual creativity. An admirable action of the group is their willingness to remove any film from future showings by a submitter's request; an important point I hope you remember for today's closer.

Something discovered at the Q&A that first night at Super Happy Fun Land, there has never been a submission from Houston. This is an outrage! I want to channel said outrage by calling out all creatives in Houston to create the first Bike Smut submission from the city. Professional camera man has already been recruited, meaning I can play a guitar with a wah-wah pedal and come up with titles while getting my hairy ass filmed beside a bike. I would rather there be more people in front of the camera than yours truly. If this is something you are at all interested in, email me at with the subject "BIKE SMUT". Include in body how you would like to participate (i.e. be in front of camera with or without clothes, idea generation, etc.) and anything about yourself you would like to share, such as love of bikes and talents.

If you read this post in it's entirety, thank you for staying towards the end. Looking forward to hear from those of you wanting to create Bike Smut.


Rev. Rex James

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