Friday, January 6, 2012

DTFriday: Parody Quickie

This will hopefully be the only prematurely hashed out DTFriday. Since there are only 10 minutes left, 3 of which involve watching the following trailer:

Now I don't mean to sound shallow... but uhhh... WHERE ARE THE FUCKING CHICKS! I'm sure the other players do stellar "acting", yet I don't think plot and dialogue is enough for this. I'm giddy at the idea of incest between Vader and daughter Leia. And the only other thing hinted was possible orgy at Tatooine. Again, something I am looking forward to. Sure it's Youtube and not much can be exposed, but would at least appreciate knowing there are more women involved!

And like a prepubescent boy, I have come sooner than expected. Never again will this occur, simply trying to reach my own deadline.


Rev. Rex James

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