Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Puscifer's Original Origin Professed

The question has been asked since the dawn of man. What is a Puscifer? There is a myth floating around that it is just a made up word that Maynard likes. Through arduous communication, the following transmission was received by a truthfully undependable source out of Hicksville, GA. Naturally, an other worldly organsmic HAM radio was used.

* This was when he watched pornography and asked questions. Usually simultaneously.
** For the chefs: It was a fried canned tuna fish sandwich, 2 parts Bumble Bee 1 part Starkist, 2 slices of faux American cheese, on unLaVeyed rye bread.
*** Maynard forgot all about the mustard.

With that aside, the world can now rest peacefully knowing how Puscifer  really came to be.


Rev. Rex James

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