Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Truth Behind BCS Championship Outcome: Apocalypse Signs

After this past Monday night, people across the nation have been baffled by the BCS Championship game. On account I am from Texas with no vested interest, never gambling on sports events, I can speak neutrally on the matter. Objectively speaking, it was a terribly boring game, especially given the really exciting games earlier in the bowl series. It had absolutely NO back and forth. In short, Bama offense slowly marched up field and were held to field goals, while LSU offense seemed to find the concept of obtaining first downs quite foreign.

Some people believe things along the lines of Les Miles being bribed, or Bama players were fueled by the drive to seek revenge. This is all a farce. I can scientifically prove how LSU lost the championship. Only need approximately 12 months.

Recently EVERYONE has been talking about how according to the Mayans, the world will end Dec.21, 2012. There have been many arguments on the likelihood of this, given that about 9 months "The Rapture" was supposed to occur, with the world officially ending in October. Yet we're still here.

People are asking, Why should we pay attention to a civilization that died out long ago? The world is not going to end, the Mayan calendar is circular. Anybody remember the score of the LSU/Bama games?

Bama/LSU #1: 6-9
Bama/LSU #2: 21-0

The world is supposed to end on the Twenty-First of this year, of the Mayan calendar's circular power. This last game was a sign of the Apocalypse, at the hands of Mayan other worldly superpowers emphasizing the fact when the world will end (Bama's "21"), and that there calendar is indeed circular (LSU's "0"). For those arguing it's circular, the universe began with a Big Bang didn't it? Am I the only bothered by the idea of this event reoccurring?

Is it not a bit odd that LSU was denied a 3-peat, in New Orleans, with the Honeybadger, AND that there was a full moon the night before?

Think back to the first game, at Bama. Of all the sexual positions out there, the most circular position of them all is the delightful ying-yang esque 6-9.

And on a broader level, isn't it interesting how Adele's "21" was the best selling album of 2011, outselling Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"... COMBINED! Also, in the world of Grammy nominations it obtained a grand total of 6, the SAME number of times Bama scored (5 field goals + 1 touch down = 6). Think about the date of the 54th Grammy Awards, February 12th. We all know the 12th month of the year is December. 12 (Feb.)/ 21 (Adele) /2012 (12 "21" 12). 5-4 is a nice and subtle way to count down... 3....2....1.....BOOM!

Also, Adele is signed with powerhouse label Columbia Records, who has given us icons including Bob Dylan. What has there logo been?

That's right, the all encompassing Eye. The Grammy Awards will air on CBS, any guesses on what their logo has been for MANY years?

Exactly... This brings credence to the fact that Freemasons are clearly involved. Especially when you think about how this is the same network in the NFL that is broadcasting the battle between the God-loving virgin Tebow & the Hedonisitic Tom Brady. Only time will tell what ultimately occurs on this fateful Saturday.

Let's take this notion a step further, the lead single off of "21" that has absolutely DOMINATED the airwaves for almost year is "ROLLing in the Deep"... TIDE!

And for the record, Bama's kickers STILL performed terribly; including one blocked kick, missed field goals, AND A MISSED EXTRA POINT!

This is just the beginning of a clearly logical and scientific theory that can be proven over the course of the year, when the Mayan's circular calendar brings about a second Big Bang. End conclusion? Whatever higher power you do or do not believe in: it is a prankster child and we are all merely puppets.

Enjoy your day and sleep restfully with that thought in mind


Rev. Rex James

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